The river is right beside the White River Tree House so you never have to leave the property to fish. In addition to trout you can also catch small and largemouth bass in this section of the White River. Fish from the bank, wade fish, rent a boat, or take a guided trout fishing trip. It's all here.

Five minutes away by car you can rent a john boat or take a guided fishing trip. The area's most complete tackle and bait store (they sell fishing licenses) is also only five minutes away, as are two public launch ramps, one of which has a cement ramp and paved trailer parking. You can put in at several upstream river access points and float fish back to the Tree House.

Area Amenities & Attractions
Though the Tree House is in a secluded location it is only 10 minutes from downtown Mountain View where you'll find dining, shopping, and attractions. Within 5 minutes by either car or boat are two full service riverside restaurants. The Ozark Folk Center is less than 10 minutes away. Horseback riding, fishing guides, and boat rentals are also close by. Hunting for deer, bear, and wild hogs, as well as a free public outdoor shooting range, are 10 minutes away in the 130,000 acre Sylamore ranger District of the Ozark National Forest.

Outdoor Recreation
Few areas in the Ozarks offer as many outdoor recreation opportunities. Within a 5 to 15 minute drive you can go horseback riding, explore well marked public trails where you'll hike along streams, bluffs, and see deep Ozark rock canyons. Drive maintained back roads, or even explore old logging roads on foot to spot wildlife, wildflowers, and other nature photography opportunities - all on public property. Hunt for black bear, whitetail, turkey, and wild hogs in the 130,000 acre Sylamore Ranger District of the Ozark National Forest. Bike along some 50 miles of well groomed marked stacked loop mountain bike trails at the Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail.  For a truly unique experience take your children swimming at the Sylamore Creek life guard protected beach at Blanchard Springs Caverns. You can play 18 holes of golf at the Pine Hill Golf Course in nearby Mountain View.

The White River Tree House is open year around. While summer is the most popular season for visiting our area, there are numerous advantages to a spring and fall visits. There are fewer people and both spring and fall weather are exceptionally beautiful. In the spring the flora is much greener as it has yet to suffer from the heat and drought of summer. Fall foliage lasts almost a month in the Ozarks so you'll enjoy a lot of color in cool fall weather. Fishing is better in the cooler spring and fall months as well. In October there are several area festivals taking advantage of the colorful cool fall weather.

With the exception of a few cold snaps in January and February, daytime temperatures are above freezing and are frequently well into the 50's. Winter is a great time to explore the Ozarks as you see more of the geology landforms the Ozarks are famous for. Fishing is also excellent in winter. Several hunting seasons offer a chance to bag black bear, whitetail, and wild hog. Just 10 minutes up the road are 130,000 acres of public hunting grounds in the Sylamore District of the Ozark National Forest.

Ozark springs are beautiful and the fishing is really at its best this time of year. Early spring starts about the first week of March. Wildflowers begin blooming, songbirds are singing as are spring peepers. Trees are fully leafed out by April 15. Redbud trees bloom from mid March through early April. Dogwoods begin their bloom from late March through mid April. Spring is also wild turkey season, and wild turkey are plentiful in this area.

Summer begins by mid May and lasts through mid September. Daytime temperatures are well into the 80's and 90's by mid June. July and August are the hottest months with several days over 100 degrees being typical in August. This is the time of year most tourists are on the lake or river to stay cool. The White River shoreline air temperature tends to be about 10 degrees cooler than surrounding air temperatures. In addition water evaporates off the river surface further enhancing its cooling effect. The White River Tree House is close enough to the river to benefit from what we call Nature's Air Conditioner.

Fall temperatures begin by the first week or so of October. Fall foliage begins in mid October. Ozark foliage tends to peak in our area about the first week of November with leaves off the trees by mid November.

The Ozark Folk Center is a marvelous place to visit and see it's assortment of some 20 live pioneer craft activities, dining, blue grass music theater, and gift shop. Blanchard Springs Caverns, 15 minutes away, offers much more than just two spectacular guided cave tours. You can also see waterfalls and a little Ozark Mountain lake made by the dam of an old historic grist mill. Blanchard is as beautiful above ground as it is in the caverns. The town of Mountain View as well as the Ozark Folk Center hold a wide assortment of several festivals each year.

Shopping & Dining
The little town of Mountain View is a very popular tourist destination because of all its high quality art shops and "live on the town square" blue grass music. The shops are also popular for collectibles and unique area crafts. Numerous restaurants offer a wide range of dining.